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Thread: HD Receiver F3 DK8080

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    HD Receiver F3 DK8080

    I would like to introduce one chinese self-brand HD receiver not listed in our forum to you.
    F3 Series.

    F3 DK8080


    2 changetable tuning boards suitable for worldwide receive (each tune board can receive dvb-s/s2, dv-t, dvb-c)

    CA support: IrdetoCA, NDS VideoGuard, Viaccess,

    Nagravision, Canal + MediaGuard, Cryptowork, TF, CONAX

    Plugin is Oscam.

    slot number: 2

    Main processor and memory

    main processor CPU STi7162 ST40 450MHz

    single-frequency video processing DSP 2x ST231 400MHz

    program memory: DDR22048Mbit (system + video demodulation)

    program Flash: 4GMbit

    Maker says this box sell to Europe also.

    Expect perfect firmwares and perfect plugins.


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    Re: HD Receiver F3 DK8080

    input: (DVB-S/S2, DVB-T, DVB-C)*1 single tuning board,
    or (DVB-S/S2, DVB-T, DVB-C)*2 double tuning board

    High-definition digital HDMI output (1080I, 1080P)

    HD analogue YPBPR output (1080I, 1080P)

    HDMI, Component, AV SD signal output simultaneously

    Support AC3, MPEG AAC, HE-AAC and MPEG1, WMA and other audio format decoding

    Optical audio output

    Support for external USB hard disk digital video recording, a variety of hard disk partition formatted FAT, FAT32, EXT2, EXT3 support NTFS Play

    USB2.0 interface, USB external hard drives and USB software upgrade

    RJ45 network interface, can be achieved through a software upgrade IPTV functionality and file sharing

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