3D capability almost insignificant reason to buy HDTV

Joseph O'Halloran | 23-08-2012

Despite the welter of optimism that the Olympics would spur growth for 3DTV, a new report from JD Power and Associates has found that only 11% of HDTV purchasers do so because of its 3D capabilities.

Overall, the 2012 High Definition Television (HDTV) Report found that 3D lagged far behind any other reason to purchase a DTV. Indeed three-quarters of customers cited price as the main reason they purchased their HDTV, followed by brand reputation (60%), positive reviews (37%), past experience with the brand (36%), quality of construction (33%), availability (31%), styling of the TV (29%) and ease of use (21%), and 3D capability (11%).

"While still finding its niche, 3D HDTV capability is not a leading force in purchasing a television," said Sara Wong Hilton, a director at JD Power and Associates, commenting on the report. "One reason is that 3D HDTVs are typically more expensive than non-3D-capable HDTVs. Additionally, in order to view 3D media, special media players, and 3D glasses in some cases, are required. The extra cost could play a role in dissuading customers from adopting the technology at this point."

Despite other reports that vanilla LCD was struggling, JD Power and Associates revealed that more customers purchased an LCD HDTV (41%), compared with an LED (33%) or plasma (19%) HDTV, and half (50%) purchased a 41" to 50" television, more than any other size available.

In terms of most popular brands, Vizio topped the report’s customer satisfaction ratings followed by Sharp, LG Electronics and Samsung who all scored above average ratings for satisfaction. Those falling below par include Sony, Toshiba and Panasonic.