Envivio enhances efficiency and video quality for on-demand transcoder

Editor | 23-08-2012

Live and on-demand multi-screen IP video processing and delivery solutions provider Envivio has made significant enhancements to its flagship Muse range of encoders.

The latest version 3.50 of its Envivio Muse On-Demand product is claimed to be able to increase transcoding speed by 35%, compared with platforms that require hardware acceleration, and thus says the firm reduce CAPEX and OPEX for operators who may deploy the technology. That is to say they can reduce the amount of time required for encoding jobs, or alternatively, process more high quality content in the same amount of time.

Envivio 4Balancer combined with Muse On-Demand enables simultaneous processing of assets across a pool of up to 50 encoders, also said to improve system utilisation. Muse On-Demand and 4Balancer are integrated with digital rights management (DRM) platforms, workflow systems, content management systems (CMS) and quality control (QC) platforms. Muse On-Demand also offers integrated content protection, including support for PlayReady, thus says the company facilitating faster time-to-market.

“Video quality and efficiency are two of the most important criteria for content and service providers in on-demand applications,” said Julien Signès, Envivio president and CEO. “The new Muse On-Demand product has been fine-tuned to optimise both of these parameters, and provides best-in-class picture quality while achieving offline transcoding speeds up to 12x faster than real-time. Our architecture also offers a fully converged, power-efficient and extremely flexible design ideal for traditional TV and multiscreen output formats.”