'Bachelorette' logs half-million dollar success on iTunes

Michelle Clancy | 23-08-2012

In the latest test for innovative release windows for movies, the new film Bachelorette, which launched on iTunes almost a month ahead of its box-office debut, has become the top rental in the store, grossing a half-million dollars in its first three days of release.

The film, a low-budget, raunchy comedy starring Kirsten Dunst and produced by Will Ferrell, rents on iTunes for $10. It's scheduled for a 7 September wide release in theatres.
The film is the first from Radius-TWC (part of the Weinstein Co.) to launch ahead of its screen bow, and a trial for things to come. The division has been tasked with rethinking movie releases in the digital age, to find ways to mazimise multiplatform revenue.
Bachelorette will be available on DVD and Blu-ray after Christmas. And, Netflix has snagged the exclusive streaming rights for the film once it its retail shelves, cutting out pay-TV VOD and premium cable nets for the distribution rights.
Bachelorette's strategy is not without precedence--the Wall Street drama Margin Call debuted on VOD at the same time as its theatrical bow, and IFC often premieres movies on cable, satellite and IPTV VOD ahead of box-office release. However, Bachelorette is certainly the highest-profile movie to date to experiment with the existing food chain.