Civolution and TIFTQ launch anti-piracy detection service in China

Louise Duffy | 23-08-2012

Technology provider Civolution has teamed up with the Test Institute of Technical Film Quality (TIFTQ), to perform digital cinema watermark detections in China.

They will search for potentially pirated movie samples using NexGuard – Digital Cinema, Civolution’s forensic watermarking solution designed specifically for theatrical projection.

NexGuard – Digital Cinema offers unique image and audio forensic marking, enabling illegal copies to be traced back to the cinema where the recording occurred. NexGuard – Digital Cinema is fully compliant with the specifications from the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI).

TIFTQ said: “We believe that Civolution is the natural partner of choice given its success in helping major film studios protect their valuable content. NexGuard – Digital Cinema is a proven solution that deters piracy and offers a robust, powerful method for protecting China’s film industry revenues. Sustaining the health of this industry is of the utmost importance. TIFTQ is therefore delighted to be able to draw on Civolution’s technology expertise”.

Alex Terpstra, CEO of Civolution, added: “Our partnership with TIFTQ demonstrates our commitment. By working closely with leading organisations in the Chinese film industry we are able to gain deep insight into their requirements and help develop leading-edge solutions customised for their market."

Harrie Tholen, general manager Civolution APAC, said: "Our forensic watermarking technologies for pre-release, digital cinema, pay-TV and streaming media have proven to be very powerful tools against content theft, so we are very pleased to work with TIFTQ to combat piracy, safeguard revenues and allow China’s film industry to flourish."