YouSee gains sight of multiscreen OTT service

Editor | 28-08-2012

In the wake of recently launched competing subscription-based online TV services, YouSee A/S, said to be the leading cable operator in Denmark, has launched an over-the-top (OTT) service to any TV.
In addition to attempting to maintain its current market position, YouSee is using the new multiscreen offer to broaden its reach beyond the boundaries of its HFC network to target new audiences.
To facilitate access to its service and content, in particular make its video on demand (VOD) service available on the television for any customer with a fixed or mobile broadband connection, YouSee will deploy Netgem's latest N7700 hybrid set-top box (STB) and its complementary middleware.
Explaining the deployment decision, YouSee’s Executive Vice President, Innovation and IT Anders Blauenfeldt said: "The key consideration for us is to bring content to the big screen and be able to attract a broader mainstream audience to the Web-TV on demand services. Netgem was able to meet these requirements and offers proven experience in deploying hybrid OTT services for a range of customers, so we are looking forward to the relationship in the coming years."

Christophe Aulnette, Chief Executive Officer of Netgem, added: "This new project highlights a key market trend. With over the top technologies, cable operators can today dramatically increase their addressable market and compete outside their traditional boundaries."
Netgem’s solution makes use of adaptive bitrate streaming to ensure viewers are able to receive a selection of OTT-delivered content in high quality from YouSee's film and TV-series content. Furthermore the middleware is designed to give viewers a richer experience and faster navigation than can be achieved by the use of TV apps and is designed to drive consumption of VOD and other TV services. The middleware could also allow external PVR functions, home network media sharing and web browsing in the future.
Moreover, Netgem says that its STB is equipped with a cable tuner and its hybrid capabilities give YouSee the option to offer products whether off-net or on-net. This versatility will give YouSee a future option to deploy the same STB over its HFC network to extend its full cable channel line-up with all the OTT VOD and interactive apps from the Web-TV service.