SES launches HD push in Latin America

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 28-08-2012
Satellite operator SES has launched an antenna programme in Latin America, aiming to install TV antennae in a variety of pay-TV headends to provide HD satellite feeds, combined with a new satellite launch in 2013.

The plan follows a similar initiative from the company in the European market.
Dolores Martos, SES sales vice president for Latin America and the Caribbean, told Brazilian media outlet Telaviva that the company plans to deploy the programme in tandem with the launch of the satellite SES-6 in the first half of 2013, which will provide additional capacit to the region to better support HD signal delivery.
Satellite SES-6 will replace the NSS-806 at the core orbital location at 319.5 E, and will provide a significant capacity expansion. The expanded Ku-band payload of SES-6 will offer a substantially enhanced coverage and capacity in North America, Central and South America. Home to Latin America's cable neighbourhood, the new replacement satellite will further support HD and channel growth in the region.