Envivio, Interra team on multiscreen VOD platform

Michelle Clancy | 29-08-2012

Video compression provider Envivio and Interra Systems are integrating their systems to support video-on-demand (VOD) asset creation in a multiscreen environment.

Content ingested into the VOD environment needs to meet quality and regulatory specifications. Plus, content transcoded for different devices—including TVs, PCs, tablets, gaming systems and smartphones—needs to meet the playout specification for the various output formats. The combination of Envivio's Muse On-Demand encoding and the Interra Baton file-based quality check (QC) solution is meant to ensure content quality, formats and standards compliance for the ever-changing video ecosystem.
"Today's consumers increasingly expect content anytime, anywhere, and prefer entertainment to fit in their schedule," said Boris Felts, vice president of product marketing at Envivio. "Service providers need to ensure the best possible quality for their VOD assets in order to gain a competitive edge. Baton not only offers broad format support and quality checks; its content verification is also very reliable and accurate. This integration provides our content and service provider customers with an outstanding solution for transcoding and QC."
Envivio's new Muse On-Demand is a software-based universal transcoder. Interra's 4Balancer, combined with Muse On-Demand, enables simultaneous processing of assets across a pool of up to 50 encoders, improving system utilisation. Baton provides file-based QC for SD, H, and mixed workflows.
Separately, Envivio also announced that AJK Cable Networks has chosen to to support the launch of India's first converged TV and multiscreen service, Reena TV. AJK is the first cable operator in India to use a single headend to serve set-top boxes, connected TVs, PCs, tablets and mobile phones.