Satellite TV growth leads Mexico telecom growth

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 29-08-2012

Mexico's telecommunications sector grew by 14.8% in the second quarter this year in relation to the previous year according to regulator Cofetel, led by satellite pay-TV and international long distance.

Satellite DTH service reached 25% penetration, making it the TV option with the largest number of subscribers in the pay TV market for Mexico. Out of 12.26 million total subscribers, 6.3 million of them have chosen satellite
Meanwhile, cable TV grew by 4.7% to reach 5.7 million TV customers, while the microwave (MMDS) maintained its downward trend by losing 36.4% of its subscriber base. That segment closed the second quarter with just 170,000 subscribers.
Overall, telecom growth in Mexico was much higher than in the previous four quarters, and allowed the industry to grow a full 13.4% between January and June 2012.