LG takes ultra-def 3D smart HDTV to Latin America

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 29-08-2012

LG's 84-inch Ultra Definition 3D TV will start shipping in Latin America in September, the Korean consumer electronics giant has announced.

The high-end connected HDTV set, first announced at CES, offers 1,400 LG Smart TV apps. But the real story is the hardware specs.
It boasts an almost unheard-of resolution of 3840 x 2160 with eight million pixels per frame: that's the equivalent of four times the resolution of existing HDTVs. And, it supports 3D, with a special Depth Control feature that lets users change the level of perspective.
Meanwhile, a sound feature adjusts the levels for various audio streams to reflect where noises are coming from within the TV show or film scene; background noises for instance will have their volume levels adjusted accordingly.
The set also allows content to be imported from other devices. Accordingly, it contains Resolution Upscaler Plus technology, so video feeds from lower-res sources like smartphones are automatically converted to HD.
Rounding out the features is the LG Magic Remote, which features voice recognition and gesture control.
All of this is fairly bleeding edge for television technology and has a pricetag to match: this ultra-set will retail for the ultra-luxe price of about $22,000.