Media Broadcast plans media portal

Jörn Krieger | 29-08-2012

German technical service provider Media Broadcast wants to set up a central media portal for interactive value-added services on all TV distribution platforms.

The offering, which is based on the HbbTV multimedia standard, will combine conventional television with on-demand services.

The hybrid solution will enable viewers to access TV broadcasters' catch-up services, video portals, news, weather and other information services on their regular TV screen.

Media Broadcast wants to provide the service on DTT at first. The subsidiary of French TDF Group says that it is currently in discussions with all large content providers present on the internet portals of many reception device manufacturers.

The media portal is designed as a non-proprietary solution which will make the content available on all HbbTV devices, thereby reducing development expenditures for broadcasters, internet TV operators and content providers as no individual integration solutions have to be developed. Content will also gain higher reach while providers will be able to make use of new turnover opportunities in the strongly growing market of on-demand services.