Octoshape partners with MediaInternet to develop LatAm online video

Iñaki Ferreras | 29-08-2012

Online broadband TV video Danish Internet telecommunications software creator Octoshape has forged a partnership with MediaInternet to power broadband TV video distribution services for South American media broadcasters and Internet service providers.

Regarded as a premiere provider of web business and web media in South America, MediaInternet is dedicated to improving transactions between broadcast and web media. The collaboration between both parties opens another market for Octoshape and enables MediaInternet to offer a broader range of services to its customer base.

"The expansion of broadband connectivity in the countries of the Southern Cone, namely Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina, is enabling broadcasters to expand into new markets," said Charlie Deane, CEO, MediaInternet. "Octoshape is helping us accelerate this expansion with its Infinite HD-M platform, which allows us to help broadcasters deliver premium content in high quality to worldwide audiences in multiple devices, broadcast head-ends and operators, over the Internet."

MediaInternet believes that it will now be able to deliver premium content to viewers via IP connections rather than traditional satellite or cable. The video distribution for MediaInternet’s OTT service will be provided to South American consumers via the Octoshape’s Infinite HD-M Federated Multicast Broadband TV platform.