France Télévisions boss expects less public cash

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 29-08-2012

Rémy Pflimlin, president of France Télévisions, has revealed that public resources coming into his broadcast group will be “less important in 2013” despite what had been previously agreed under the 2011-2015 objectives and means agreement.

The agreement signed at the end of 2011 anticipated a 2.2 % average rise of public resources, yet decreasing budgets could still lead to amplified readjustments of the group’s priorities towards sectors such as digital, content creation, news, territorial expansion. Speaking at France Télévisions’s new season press conference in Paris, Pflimlin also called upon the French State to consolidate the licence fee as an essential source of revenues compared to advertising.

Talks with Minister of Culture and Communication Aurélie Filippetti will start next September, Pflimlin added.

Another challenge inside France Télévisions is France 3’s reorganisation and recovery as audience share, except during the London Olympics, has dipped below the 10% mark. In 2013, France 3 targets to get closer to the 10 %, around 9.5 % thanks to the 2012-2013 schedules.

Strong with its 24 regional offices set up on all the French territory, France 3, which employs 3,900 people including 3,700 outside Paris, is also anticipating restructuring to give more power to regions.