Bianor awarded connected home streaming patent

Michelle Clancy | 30-08-2012

Mobile software provider Bianor has been given a patent for the iMediaShare digital locker that encompasses the concept of video streaming from the cloud to connected home networks, with a mobile device providing playback control.

"Bianor is creating part of the digital lifestyle ecosystem required to dramatically improve the [over-the-top] OTT entertainment experience for a wide range of consumers," said Stefan Lilov, directorof product development at Bianor. "We provide more personalised viewing experiences across all screens from TVs and monitors, to tablets and smartphones. Streaming video has long been hailed the future of personal entertainment, and iMediaShare is making that future a reality today for just about anyone holding a smartphone regardless of how tech-savvy they are."
iMediaShare's new patent is based on the idea of transferring multimedia content from a smartphone, tablet and Internet to a big screen whether TV or connected monitor with no need for additional hardware, cables or settings. "It simplifies and unites the consumer's personal content, entertainment preferences and subscriptions into an easy-to-use and elegant solution," the company said in a statement. "With iMediaShare consumers carry their content and preferences with them and can play anything, anywhere, anytime."
Today, iMediaShare has more than 2.5 million installations.