Following the decision of the Spanish Council of Ministers to authorise the conditions set by the National Competition Commission (CNC), the merger between Grupo Planeta’s Antena 3 and Mediapro’s laSexta could now take place as planned.

Antena 3 now believes that "after a preliminary analysis" of the new conditions, so “that the integration between the two companies could take place as planned ". However, the Council of Ministers has warned that it will "evaluate the entire content” of the agreement of before making a final decision which will aim to better protect the interests of the Company and its shareholders."

The broadcaster recalled that the last Council of Ministers adopted a resolution to authorise the merger of both companies, in order "to appreciate the existence of general interest, related to the maintenance of pluralism and facilitate the process of release of the digital dividend." Thus, the first condition set by the CNC relates to the television advertising market.

To go ahead, the procedure needs to remove the previous conditions set regarding conditions on negotiations with advertisers and media agencies on the maintenance of databases and executives’ salaries.