Ibope launches new division in LATAM

Iñaki Ferreras | 31-08-2012

Ibope Media has launched a Creative LatAm service in Sâo Paulo and Buenos Aires that will provide monthly information on new inserts advertisements on TV channels in the region.

Latam is a creative initiative in association with Adfinitum, a Canadian company that provides a platform for the sale of advertising creative professionals from several countries.

“With this service, Ibope enters an area not yet acted [upon] and our expectation is to grow. At year's end, we carry Creatives Latam Peru and Colombia, as well as expand the service to collect printed media," explained Antonio Wanderley, Marketing Director Ibope Media.

In Sao during the first half of 2012, Paulo Open TV was issued with about 1,017 new ads, with the trade sector recording the greatest movement. This sector launched daily deals to attract the public, accounting for 44% of the volume of new issues. They followed the fields of culture, leisure, sport and tourism (9%), consumer services (8%), automobiles, parts and accessories (6%), financial markets and insurance (5%), public and social services (4% ) personal hygiene and beauty (4%) and telecommunications services (4%).

According to Ibope, in Buenos Aires alone broadcast TV received 440 new ads per month in the first half of this year. The largest volume of new listings occurred in the areas of media, and retail trade with a 15% stake, where the bulk of daily deals came from supermarkets and hypermarkets and large chain stores.