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Thread: Demandes Infos pour démod.Powersky 1500

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    Bonjour je vient de récupérer un powersky1500,
    Et je cherche à savoir si on peux tjs capter les chaines criptés si c'est le démod. est tjs d'actualité avec quel flash, et ou trouver clefs softcam ou code viaccess (logiciel ou site...),
    en fait je démare seul de mon coin et c'est quand même dur... je rame, je dispose quand même d'un cable nul modem et soft gasoline arioner, fke 106 etc...

    Toutes vos remarques ou conseils sont bienvenues, je vous l'assure.

    Conseils installation etc...

    Alors si vous avez un peut de temps...@+ ce serait super sympathique...merci d'avance,
    @+ will.

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    please english!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by versatis View Post
    please english!!!!!!
    i send you my translation, at your request :

    Hello I has just recovered a powersky1500, And I want to know if it can always collect encoding's chanels if it is the demodulator is always in order fot this, of topicality with which flash, and where to find key softcam or codes viaccess (software or site…), in fact I just start only of my corner and it is nevertheless hard… I rows, I nevertheless lay out i ahave null cable modem and software gasoline arioner, fke 106 etc… All your remarks or councils are welcome, I ensure it to you.

    The Councils installation etc… i want to received canalsat ot tps french ... Then if you can send me few minutes… @+ it would be super sympathetic thank you in advance…,
    @+ will.

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    Re: Demandes Infos pour démod.Powersky 1500

    ok i understand you , u want to update ur arion box

    so first u need this prog , Auc_hedit "this prog allow you to edit header in soft and calck chksum"
    second thing is Arionner " prog to send soft to box "

    the cable is "2-3 3-2 5-5 "

    the soft are many

    i wish u use the dvbxtreme soft to watch tps

    so first u must have this soft and a keys of tps and another prog "aes_key converter"
    so after attach ur cable to ur receiver

    open auc_hedit and choose detect from a small menu

    it will show u a small window
    so check"correction it will apear a code like this 7xxxx
    so now off ur box with remote control "stanby botton " then enter the code that u get in auc_hedit "7xxxx iforget"
    when u do that press start in auc_hedit u will see 3 area in this prog

    first it has something like this "1-Sph or STM ...etc
    second area 2------ ARSE1
    the last 3---------SE170ec or xxxxx i don't know

    the interest is these Info in 3 area

    write them to remeber after

    so now with auc_hedit open ur new soft

    u will see in 3 area diferent info from the first
    so change it with the first info that u have
    important" be aware betwen small and big letter

    now after changing info
    press (2 ) twice calc.chk botton in auc_hedit ---- important i say (2) twice

    then save ur edited soft

    open arionner

    choose ur new soft and send
    on ur box when u press send

    this only to update ur box

    for how watch tps u need other explication

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