Cyfrowy Polsat has 3.553 million subscribers

Polish satellite pay-TV service Cyfrowy Polsat had at the end of second quarter 2012 total 3,553,473 subscribers. At the end of March 2012 was 3,553,341. Compared with the number of subscribers increased from 3,472,757 platform (end June 2011) about 80,716 clients (an increase of 2.3 percent).

Average monthly revenue per subscriber remained at similar values​​: 38.9 zlotys (end of first quarter) and 38.8 zlotys (end of the second quarter).

At the end of June 2012 had a packet Family Total 2,750,888 subscribers and packet Mini 802,585 clients. This means that the number of subscribers of the first package was reduced by 46,226 customers and packet Mini rose by 46,358 customers