IBM cloud bursts forth as platform for new home entertainment services

Editor | 31-08-2012

As the value of the cloud as a ubiquitous and cost-effective platform for all types of services becomes more apparent, IT and services giant IBM has unveiled a new cloud platform for consumer electronics firms.

Among the first applications of the new infrastructure will be to form the bedrock of the Philips Smart TV platform for Internet services, which will aim to deliver greater interactive services to of TV viewers in more than 30 countries in Europe, as well as Brazil and Argentina. IBM will provide cloud services on a pay-per-use basis to TP Vision, an Amsterdam-based joint venture between Philips and TV manufacturer TPV responsible for the development of the Philips connected TV offering and who said that it approached IBM as it needed a cloud computing environment resilient enough to support unexpected service demands at any given time when millions of TV units access a variety of services on its network.

"IBM's cloud platform allows us to place the service and application intelligence into the cloud, and reduces the complexity of managing software in the TVs for our consumers," said Albert Mombarg, head of Philips Smart TV at TP Vision.

"This provides an economic, more flexible way to create new services for our viewers. By engaging with IBM on a cost-per-device basis, we obtain a new business model with predictable costs, and great flexibility to expand our services and grow our user base. We expect it to transform the way we offer new services and drive on-going business innovation."