Canal+ gets personal with iPlus app

Iñaki Ferreras | 02-09-2012

Spain’s leading media group Canal+’s Prisa TV has signed a partnership with Jinni, who specialises in the design and creation of inference engines of personal taste.

Canal + will now be the third major operator at European level to provide a content recommendation system using technology provided by Jinni. For its part Jinni stated that they were proud to work with Canal + Spain and believes that the collaboration will be fruitful for both companies.

Customers of Canal+ will be able to access a new television model that is fully customised and subscribers will be able to select and view content from their "collection of personal taste", comprising content designed to fit the viewing habits of the customer.

Subscribers can also search by semantic sets of words, so that, given one or more terms, the system can explore the entire content catalogue available to fit those expressed in natural language by the viewer. This will complement existing structured searches.

Another aim of the system, said Jinni, will be to further differentiate Prisa TV from that provided by conventional television.