Stream TV tackles Ultra-D 3D TVs

Michelle Clancy | 04-09-2012

Stream TV Networks is developing a 3D without-glasses TV, called the Ultra-D 2160p, meant to get around the fact there is not yet native 4k content available for consumer use.

"Most companies try to compensate by using scalers which only provides incremental resolution improvement," the company said. "Ultra-D has developed a ground breaking algorithm which boosts existing content to deliver heightened resolution to between 1080p and 2160p."
Ultra-D uses the disparity between images to produce a higher resolution output than the source. This allows for delivery of 3D without any viewing angles, distortion or other restrictions, the company noted.
Further, consumers can use any type of source content and convert it into 3D without glasses, including cable and satellite TV channels, Blu-ray, Xbox, iTunes, Apple TV, Google TV, YouTube, Netflix and other feeds.
The first Ultra-D products being rolled out are the Ultra-D 42-inch and 46-inch 1080p LED 3D without glasses televisions. These will be followed by the Ultra-D 2160p 60-inch LED TVs. The Ultra-D tablets, smartphones, all-in-one PCs and laptops will be rolled out subsequently.
Stream TV also proposed a new standard for 2160p content to address the lack of native 4k content, via the SeeCube Auto Converter, to allow TV stations, movie makers and game developers to mass-produce and rapidly deploy 4k content.