Flat screen, iPhone, iPad owners ready to buy Apple TV

Editor | 04-09-2012

The long expected, if not eagerly awaited, connected TV from Apple is certain to be a success thanks to owners of flat screen TVs and Apple devices according to a new study from Quixel Research.

The survey found that 88% of Apple device owners and 80% of current flat screen owners were either extremely, very or somewhat interested in the prospect of buying an Apple connected TV.

And it is in the area of connectivity that such people are indicating great interest. Indeed, the survey revealed that for those who were extremely interested in buying an Apple TV, 92% cited wireless connectivity as the key interactive TV feature. Just behind, at 87% was the ability to use an iPad or other iOS device, such as a smartphone, as a TV remote; 85% checked the ability to sync content between device and the interactive TV.

Perhaps as a consequence of Apple’s to establish the concept of the iCloud, cloud storage was revelad as the most important fact of the expected new set by 82%.