Skylink technical tests Filmbox Family and Filmbox Extra1 in MPEG-4

Company M77 Group, operator Skylink satellite services, added to their multiplexes three programs in MPEG-4/SD - specifically Czech music television retro Retro Music Television (RMTV) and two movie channels and film distribution company SPI International - Filmbox Family and Filmbox Extra 1 .

If RMTV is the first swallow in MPEG-4-1 station, which began broadcasting in dual MPEG-2 and MPEG-4/SD. SD will be the first program that waits migration to modern compression format. The station is already encrypted only for new ICE cards and Ird*t* Skylink. Older systems Cr*ptow*rks and conditional approaches for CS Link cards are not connected. At the time of publishing the text channel aired in a private test.

Adding channels Filmbox Family and Filmbox Extra1 the Skylink TV platform will be the first in the country that will provide all the SD channels from SPI. Both programs are in the technical test and not yet an official part of the offer of the operator. In the future, in the menu the operator can find other programs from SPI - some HD stations are already in tests on card operator.

Technical parameters - Retro Music Television: