Satellite BG tests on the satellite Thor 6

Bulgarian satellite pay-TV service Satellite BG unexpectedly started technical tests on THOR 6 satellite at the orbital position of 0.8 W. For the purposes of tests using two transponders in DVB-S2.

The first of these works in the bundle K1 (the so-called Scandinavian coverage) and the second volume in K2 (called European coverage).

Content in both multiplexes is the same - set top box finds 8 program named test positions 1 to 8 All systems are encrypted and some Conax Ird*t* systems (CAID 0624) and Cr*ptow*rks (CAID 0D96), which includes service provider Skylink, society M77 Group.

Reasons tests are not yet known. Probably it is a technical experiment directly satellite operator Telenor Satellite Broadcasting (TSBc), as was previously the case for the UPC Direct pre-contract to lease transponder capacity.

technical parameters of the test transponder Satellite BG:

* Thor 6 (0.8 W), freq 10.715 GHz, pol V, SR 25000, FEC 3/4, DVB-S2/8PSK, volume K1

* Thor 6 (0.8 W), freq 12.149 GHz, pol V, SR 30000, FEC 3/4, DVB-S2/8PSK, Volume K2