Eurovision migrates European News Exchange to file-based CDN platform

Michelle Clancy | 05-09-2012

To better serve affiliates within its European News Exchange, Eurovision has selected the IDC Centient Media Aware CDN Platform to migrate its existing linear content playout system to an encrypted, file-based content distribution platform.

The file-based Centient platform will exchange news content between 50 major broadcasters throughout Europe. Each broadcast location will be equipped with IDC's SuperFlex Pro Data receivers.
As it is, broadcasters send breaking news content via satellite or fibre to the main Eurovision facility in Geneva. The content is delivered to the Eurovision news network via linear satellite feeds, which are recorded manually by the receiving site broadcasters. Switching to the file-based Centient delivery system will help automate the delivery and reception process for Eurovision and its affiliates. The platform also offers an advanced application layer, Forward Error Correction (FEC), for improving the speed and reliability of content delivery.