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Thread: Dreambox 7025S multiboot/flashing?

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    Dreambox 7025S multiboot/flashing?

    I just bought a Dreambox 7025S and because I don’t want to end up using DreamUp I have two questions.
    1) I want to put a multiboot on dream (Gemini 1.80, Colosseum 1.3, and DaVinci 2.0).
    There are many programs for multiboot (Dreambox Control Center 2.82, Flash Wizard 6.3, Multiboot 6.3), of course I don’t know if they work with 7025 but I want to know which are safe for this task. I would like to know if there are issues of conflict with Flash-Usb-Hard after the multiboot.
    2) As for flashing a firmware which is the best choice? Some of the above (Dreambox Control Center 2.82, Flash Wizard 6.3), the browser? or anything else?
    Thanks for your answers.

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    Talking Re: Dreambox 7025S multiboot/flashing?

    Simple : NONE of them !

    The 7025 is a little bit special and you need a special software too called Multiboot.

    Supposedly the next version of Flashwizard will support the 7025

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