Spanish digital dividend to mean more than million DTT facilities upgraded

Iñaki Ferreras | 06-09-2012

Spain’s consumer associations are claiming that the result of releasing TV spectrum for $G TV usage will mean more than a million DTT facilities will have to be retuned if users want to keep watching all in-the-clear channels.
According to Spanish Industry Minister Jose Manuel Soria, users will pay in total €300 million to continue watching DTT services but president of the country’s Users Association of Communication (AUC), Alejandro Perales, has stated that end users will not enjoy the benefits obtained by the digital dividend.

The AUC, as well as the Association of Viewers and Listeners (ATR) and the association FACUA-Consumers in Action believe that is “disproportionate” to require users to a new financial outlay to continue watching when DTT frequencies were auctioned.
Facua-Consumers in Action believe that this new expenditure is the result of a "government blunder" since the arrival of DTT could be organized in a more efficient mannr.