Looking for LONG-TIME CacheEx Mode 3 Partners with Cccam or Camd35 Protocol

Because this is cache-exchange, I am only looking for stable and long term cache-exchange. Prefer servers with many users/big cache.

Remember: Oscam CacheEx mode 3 only ! and only stable servers.

1. CacheEx mode 3 only.
2. You offer a stable connection.
3. You are not only resending cache but you also send cache from your own cards.
4. No cache-loopback.
5. No memory-leak problems.
6. You are not (re)sending false ECM (a lot of you guys send false ECM out of the cache for CDNL/TVV !).
7. If you are n
ot sending back any cache for 48 hours > deletion without a notice.

What I offer:
1. A stable connection (uptime 99%).
2. Almost no server crashes (once in 2 weeks or so..), and if Oscam crashes, it will be up again within 3 minutes.
3. Almost no manual restarts in daytime (every night the server restarts automatically).
4. I try to avoid resending of false ECM > if you notice any false ECM just let me know (with details) and I will filter it.

I use Oscam 1.20 build 6923 on Debian 6 with group splitting to avoid cache loopback.
I use a max cache time of 8 seconds.
I send and take "max cache hop = 2"

Send me your cacheEx mode 3 details in cccam or camd35 and I will reply with my cacheEx mode 3 details a.s.a.p.