RRsat increases distribution to and from Africa

Louise Duffy | 06-09-2012

Content management and distribution services provider RRsat Global Communications Network has signed several contracts with TV and radio channels for distribution to and from Africa, via AMOS-5, the satellite launched in December 2011 by Spacecom.

RRsat's platforms on the AMOS-5 satellite feature two steerable Ku-band beams, Ku-1 and Ku-3, covering Africa with connectivity to Europe and the Middle East and supporting multiple transponders.

Lior Rival, VP sales and marketing of RRsat, said: "We see a growing demand for direct-to-home (DTH) solutions to Africa, which is a diverse and vibrant market for DTH providers, representing both a great opportunity and a great challenge for us. We are providing leading TV and radio channels with the opportunity to reach this continent with a huge population. RRsat has expanded its sales force for this region, and we see good opportunities for continuing growth."