Sharjah Media Corporation uses Teracue product for in-house IPTV

Louise Duffy | 06-09-2012

UAE broadcaster Sharjah Media Corporation is using IPTV products from German manufacturer Teracue for the development of an IP-based in-house video network for its broadcast division.

The H.264 encoders and DVB-to-IP gateways from Teracue make it possible to feed all the TV and broadcasting studio signals of Sharjah Media into the company’s internal network. The planning and systems integration was handled by Teracue’s distribution partner Qvest Media, which is based in Dubai.

With the objective of accelerating the flow of information between the individual editorial, production and management departments, Sharjah planned the introduction of an in-house IPTV system. It was regarded as a special challenge to integrate all the necessary components within the already existing IT infrastructure. Following extensive tests, a decision was made in favour of the IPTV system from the German manufacturer Teracue with Qvest Media as systems integrator.

The feed of the TV and radio channels is handled by DVB-to-IP gateways. Four Sharjah studios will be streamed via H.264 encoders. XPlayer will be used as the IPTV player for the PC workstations. Up to 100 employees can access in parallel the individual streams from their PC workstations, in order to monitor the own studio productions or to follow all the latest current affairs for their editorial research.