CABLEready catches SnagFilm international TV rights for indie films

Michelle Clancy | 07-09-2012

CABLEready has snagged, as it were, the international TV broadcast rights to a range of indie movies from SnagFilms.

The new deal brings 12 documentaries and three fictional narratives to CABLEready's expanding film catalogue, including film festival favorites and award winners.
According to CABLEready, the slate of titles include the following studio-crafted descriptions:
We Made This Movie (Narrative, 90 min.; Worldwide rights) The hilarious and heartbreaking story of five high school seniors trying to escape their hometown by making their own lowbrow comedy movie - and finding that their friendships are tested when their cameras begin capturing their actual lives.
A Fighting Chance (Documentary, 89 min.; Worldwide rights) Born without arms or legs, Kyle Maynard plans to fight in the MMA cage; he'll change your definition of 'disability' forever.
All Me: The Life and Times of Winfred Rembert (Documentary, 74min.; US and Canadian rights) Artist Winfred Rembert relives his turbulent life as an African-American in the segregated South and in a series of intimate reminiscences, shows us how even the most painful memories can be transformed into something meaningful and beautiful.
The Black Tulip (Narrative, 116 min.; US rights) After the Taliban is routed from Afghanistan in early 2001, the Mansouri family seizes the new window of freedom by opening a restaurant called The Poet's Corner, where artists and poets are welcome to express themselves on a small stage.
Decoding Deepak (Documentary, 83 min.; US rights) Film-maker and journalist Gotham Chopra spends a year following his father and spiritual icon Deepak Chopra, separating the man from the myth with a raw honesty only a son can have.
Dragonslayer (Documentary, 74 min.; US rights) The Grand Jury Prize winner for Best Documentary Feature at SXSW 2011 that tells of the transgressions of a lost skate punk finding love in the stagnant suburbs of Fullerton, California amidst the aftermath of America's economic collapse.
Faces in the Mirror (Narrative, 77 min.; Worldwide rights) Conceived and produced by Boyd Tinsley of Dave Matthews Band, the concept for the film began with its music, produced by Tinsley and performed by members of Dave Matthews Band, along with musician Shawn Smith and music groups Maktub and The Silent Comedy.
Kicking It (Documentary, 98 min.; Worldwide rights) The lives of homeless people are changed forever as they set off for Cape Town, South Africa to play in the Homeless World Cup.
Nanking (Documentary, 90 min.; Worldwide rights) This films tells the powerful story of 200,000 Chinese who were saved by a small group of unarmed Westerners during Japan's 1937 capture of China's capital city.
PUSH: Madison v. Madison (Documentary, 105 min.; Worldwide rights) A handful of sharp shooters and savvy ball-handlers struggle, both on and off the court. For these players, basketball is often their escape, their crutch and their way forward from a deteriorating public school system and the challenges of life in the Boston inner city.
Splinters (Documentary, 95 min.; Worldwide rights) As a culture clash engulfs a seaside village in Papua New Guinea, four local surfers compete in the country's first-ever national surfing titles in the hopes their surfboards will carry them to a better life.
The Motherland Tour: Story of African Women (Documentary, 45 min.; Worldwide rights) African singer and superstar Yvonne Chaka Chaka has been at the forefront of popular music for over 20 years, using her music to bring about positive change for those suffering poverty and disease.
#whilewewatch (Documentary, 38 min.; Worldwide rights) A gripping portrait of the "Occupy Wall Street" media revolution, #whilewewatch is the first definitive film to emerge from Zuccotti Park with full access and cooperation from masterminds who made #OccupyWallStreet a reality.