UPC launches Horizon in Holland
September 7, 2012 13.08 Europe/London By Robert Briel

WATCH VIDEO. UPC Nederland is now rolling out the Horizon TV platform to subscribers in the Netherlands offering navigation and recommendation digital content from cable, on demand libraries, personal devices, selected apps and online sources.

Horizon TV is now available from UPC Netherlands, and will be rolled out in Switzerland later this year, and in Germany and Ireland next year.

Mike Fries, Liberty Global’s president and CEO said in a statement: “This is what our customers have been waiting for. Finally, you can enjoy the best cable TV programming on all of your devices whenever and wherever you choose. Horizon TV brings the power of the internet and the most popular apps to your TV screen and allows you to ‘connect, discover and be free.”

Horizon TV changes your tablet, smartphone or laptop into a television. An iPad can be used as a remote control or as an additional TV screen in the home with 80 live streaming channels in Holland. At the same time, customers can wirelessly stream personal content from their computers, tablets and smartphones onto their TV screens.

Horizon TV makes personal recommendations and allows customers to search from a wide selection of programmes currently being broadcast, previously broadcast or available via UPC on Demand.

Horizon TV features an app store where services like YouTube, Wikipedia and Facebook are contextually integrated into the subscriber’s TV viewing experience.

Concurrent with the launch of Horizon TV, all customers at UPC Netherlands with digital TV and internet subscriptions can now watch television online. This online service can be used by smartphones and tablets (as an app for iPhone and iPad), as well as through computers and laptops in and around the home. Customers can login via the app or via the dedicated website with their personal UPC account to stream 80 live TV channels and access 3,500 television shows/episodes and nearly 2,000 movies from the latest Hollywood hits to the best classics. UPC Netherlands is the first video provider to offer this service in the Netherlands.

During the first few weeks, UPC customers will be offered a package consisting of 60 Mbps broadband, Horizon TV standard with 50 SD and 10 HD channels and the Horizon STB with 500 GB HDD at €54.95. The first six months will be offered at a reduced rate of €39.50. An upgrade to 120 Mbps broadband is available for €8. Other packages and combinations will be made available after September 28.