I now got 3 stable Oscam servers running.

1) Small server with real locals shared

2) Dedicated Cache-EX server, serving cache-EX only

Now, i started to build a 3rd, for the 'Free' section, also backed up by cache.


Please note:
Current connected peers from the 'local' section will not be mixed with free section peers.


Preferred cards:
SKY UK / SKY DE / SKY IT / TivuSat / CanalSAT FR / Canal Digital Nordic / Viasat SWE and NOR / All Europe Cards



- stable peers only
24/7 available

- No high ECM usage.
High ECM users will be banned permanently from my server (monitored daily)

- Responsive to PM
Please answer..

- Low pings only!
Only ping < 70ms will be accepted. Server is located in a HQ datacenter within the Netherlands.