IBC 2012 – AMSTERDAM. Stand 1.B79. TDF Media Services has announced the launch of the first end-to-end HbbTV platform.

This new platform for broadcasters and media companies is able to support any kind of video-based hybrid TV services. Thanks to the HbbTV technologies, it is now possible to enrich a live broadcast stream with additional internet content delivered directly through the TV set.

This platform enables to build a large diversity of services and business models, ranging from free to pay including ad-based for services such as interactive advertising, event channels, video-on-demand, catchup TV, voting and more.

The platform is compatible with HbbTV1.1 and HbbTV1.5 and supports both Marlin and Microsoft Playready DRMs. It also provides a full end-to-end solution, including metadata management, video processing, content monetisation.

Content Delivery Network provided by SmartJog enables a smooth and very high quality video streaming to all connected devices including HbbTV connected TV sets.

Other advanced features have been integrated to enrich the end-user experience, such as a recommendation engine provided by French technology company Cognik, an artificial intelligence engine which selects and proposes relevant content to a specific user.

France Televisions, the French public broadcaster, was one of the first to leverage on TDF HbbTV platform to deploy a complete end-to-end restart service called Salto. This service, launched July 3rd, enables a TV viewer to instantly come back to the beginning of the ongoing live program, and it is available on each of the groups’s five channels. Other implementations will be launched in France with some major DTT channels before the end of the year.

As a next step in the deployment of HbbTV services in Europe, TDF Media Services will also support Media Broadcast in the upcoming launch of Hybrid Interactive TV in Germany. TDF Media Services will also implement an end-to-end solution in Russia for the Russian broadcast network operator RTRS.