Google Fiber had majority of neighborhoods signed up

Michelle Clancy | 10-09-2012

As the midnight deadline for service registration approaches, Google Fiber had only a few Kansas City, Kan., neighbourhoods that hadn't met their goal for homes that are pre-registered for ultra-broadband and IPTV.

Google is requiring that a certain percentage of homes sign up for the service in order to attain "fiberhood" and be connected. Sign-up has been online or through community outreach events, and costs $10. As a bonus, Google said it would connect schools and municiple buildings to the 1Gbps service as well.
"Google Fiber is different—and getting it is different too," the company said in the announcement. "Doing that lets us know which areas are most excited about it. So, join up and make sure your neighbours do, too. Pre-registering matters—if your fiberhood doesn't reach its goal by September 9, you will not be able to get Fiber."
Google said that about 138 neighborhoods are signed up for Google Fiber, as of 1 p.m. CT on Sunday. Google will deliver 1Gbps in ultra-broadband to eligible meighbourhoods before the end of the year.