DaCast partners to stream and monetise Little League World Series

Michelle Clancy | 11-09-2012

Following a successful Little League Softball World Series broadcast, online video streaming platform and CDN provider DaCast has partnered with the Little League Softball World Series (LLSWS), Winchester Community Access & Media (WinCam) and Sinclair Sports Network (SSN) to deliver professional pay-per-view video and live, streamed content globally for little league, high school and college level sports.

DaCast's white label, all-in-one video streaming platform supported online streaming for all 24 Little League Softball World Series games, in a tournament that brought 10 teams of girls from around the world to compete. The live pay-per-view stream reached worldwide audiences that included teams' home countries such as the U.S., Mexico, Canada and the Netherlands.
"We were excited to bring the Little League Softball World Series experience live to the fans and families of these talented young girls," said Tim Jackson with Friends of Softball. "With DaCast's platform, set-up was simple and packed with easy-to-use tools to bring the best live game experience to viewers around the world. The built-in pay-per-view revenue capabilities allowed us to generate donations in minutes and we look to use DaCast again next year."
DaCast's platform also recently enabled WinCam to stream the 2012 Cal Ripken World Series to national audiences to watch each live play of the 10 teams competing in capturing the championship. The live video stream supplemented its live radio stream and online scores and stats to give audiences a variety of choices to augment their viewing experience.
"As a public access TV station and non-profit organization, WinCAM has to be very careful with production expenditures," said David Gauthier, executive director of WinCAM. "DaCast's paywall allowed us to recuperate thousands of dollars spent on production costs, and the platform made it very easy to deliver professional live stream coverage of the 2012 Cal Ripken Major 60 World Series to a national audience."
Finally, Sinclair Sports Network was able to stream live the recent Women's Premier Soccer League national championship with DaCast, garnering a national and international audience. SSN was able to incorporate professional sportscast features such as instant replays into live streams as well as a paywall for monetisation. DaCast's built-in paywall let SSN as well as the LLSWS provide pay-per-view capabilities within the media player on a per game basis as it allows several flexible payment options to decide which payment model best suits each business and content format.
"We broadcast sporting events featuring some of the most promising young athletes in our area and we were delighted to work with DaCast to share their triumphs with broader audiences," said Tom Sinclair, founder of SSN. "We've used lots of CDNs on the market and DaCast is the best in terms of price and flexibility. It is the ideal solution for a boutique sports broadcasting company such as ours."