Nat Geo greenlights Alpha Dogs series, about elite military K9s

Michelle Clancy | 11-09-2012

Nat Geo WILD has greenlit the 16-part series Alpha Dogs, which follows the training behind a special elite force of K9s dedicated to serving the United States. The Alpha Dogs, for instance, were the canine group that jumped out of helicopters to help corner Osama Bin Laden.

Each 30-minute episode gains exclusive access to the kennels and trainers at Indiana's Vohne Liche Kennels, one of the largest police-dog training facilities in the country. The dogs join police departments, the Secret Service and every branch of the military. Nat Geo WILD said that it wants to cover their stories "from first bite to finding the bomb."
"Alpha Dogs will focus on these highly trained dog heroes that have muscle and smarts," said Executive Vice President and General Manager Geoff Daniels. "Our viewers will love to see the incredible drills and exercises the dogs undergo, follow the instruction process with their dedicated trainers who carry top security clearances, see the application in the field for military and police units, and even watch the fun they have playing fetch on their days off."
The series will show everything from examining how the dogs are trained to detect drugs, weapons and improvised explosive devices to finding a hidden cell phone in a prison cell. It will also focus on other real-world situations in everyday communities.