Cinema ads six times more recalled than TV

Louise Duffy | 11-09-2012

Cinema audiences are six times more likely to recall an advertisement they saw before watching a film than if they saw it on television, research claims.

Australian cinema advertising Network Val Morgan commissioned a study, which was conducted by Australia Online Research. It recorded the response of 800 people watching ads breaking at the same time on both cinema and television.

The research found that multi-tasking and TV ad avoidance undermined the effectiveness of TV ads.

Paul Butler, marketing director for Val Morgan, said: “The cinema audience were six times more likely to recall key aspects of the ads than the TV audience, demonstrating that cinema advertising generates six times the ad memory and six times the engagement of TV.”

“Virtually all [96%] the cinema audience were present for the advertising pre-show, whilst ad avoidance and multi-tasking behaviour was the norm whilst the TV was on.

“These results show that cinema has a key role to play in amplifying an advertiser’s screen strategy, delivering engagement, impact and cut-through at a level that no other media can match.”