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Thread: StarSat SR-X190D Super - All Files Assistance Please

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    Question StarSat SR-X190D Super - All Files Assistance Please

    I'm living in Egypt and just got a 'StarSat SR-X190D Super' box and I know I need to update the boot, firmware, software and BIN files but I have no idea where to find all files and information necessary to get the box to cooperate

    Any assistance would be great and if you can point me in the direction of the up-to-date files for this Sat box I'll be very grateful indeed!

    Many thanks!


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    Re: StarSat SR-X190D Super - All Files Assistance Please


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    Question Re: StarSat SR-X190D Super - All Files Assistance Please

    Quote Originally Posted by siamak49 View Post

    Hi siamak49

    Thanks. I tried Satdw and downloaded the BIN file, Key and STBDownload(ver1.9.3).exe from there.

    I connected the 'StarSat SR-X190D Super' via the RS-232 cable provided by the Sat shop to the PC and followed the directions in the 'How to download_180_190_220' file, even though I cannot find "serial.exe".

    I'm not new to computers (I build them) and the only software I could find on Satdw was 'STBDownload(ver1.9.3).exe' and it connected when I'd loaded the BIN file (I'd turned the StarSat off, as directed) but it timed out.

    I checked the COM port setting; altered the speed and checked all of the settings and tried again (after looking through the 'Troubleshooting for downloding.pdf' from Satdw) but got a 'mismatch' error but the sat box IS a 'StarSat SR-X190D Super' and I had downloaded the correct BIN file. I've just tried again with the downloaded from Satdw but it failed too, with a mismatch error.

    When I told the shop owner of the problem (last week) he loaded the default/original software from within the menu of the 'StarSat SR-X190D Super' but I had no idea why he did that - could it have caused problems?

    The odd thing is that the 'STBDownload(ver1.9.3).exe' from Satdw DID manage to successfully download the Key file to the 'StarSat SR-X190D Super' last week so there can't be a connection problem. Any ideas anyone.... please...?

    I also downloaded the 'How_to_Use_eMUpgrade' file but can't find the eMUpgrade file anywhere - am I missing something here...? (apart from the software I mean LOL).

    Either I'm doing something wrong (or I'm missing needed files) or the flash memory is corrupt - anyone got any ideas please?

    Many thanks!


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    Re: StarSat SR-X190D Super - All Files Assistance Please

    Try the file attached. It should solve your problem.
    You should choose Boot only from STB 1.93 loader.

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