American Idol's online audition platform targets new reality shows

Michelle Clancy | 13-09-2012

Microsoft is expanding the availability of the Personif platform, which is meant to empower the entertainment world's popular competition shows by supporting online video auditions. Personif has to date helped enable American Idol's nationwide open-call auditions for Season 12.

The offering is built by Microsoft partner Infusion and hosted in the cloud on Windows Azure.
"Hosted in the cloud, Personif makes sorting tens of thousands of video auditions simple," says Sheldon Fernandez, director and CTO at Infusion. "Through its unique video technology, the platform enhanced [American Idol], opening up the audition process to tens of thousands more entrants in different parts of the country. The platform rapidly organised and triaged thousands of videos in just minutes to help view a plethora of auditions. This simply would not have been possible without the flexibility and scalability of Windows Azure."
Infusion worked closely with American Idol producers FremantleMedia North America and 19 Entertainment to launch the next generation of online casting. It first enabled users to audition by recording and uploading their own videos using a webcam, and also enabled users to "Nominate An Idol," by uploading videos of friends and family singing. Both audition types consisted of multiple video questions which were then seamlessly stitched together to create a relevant conversation.