Future TV launches new look and program schedule

Thu, 2012-09-13 10:49 - By

Future TV launches its new branding style and programming schedule on August 21, 2012. With a new logo, designed to reflect its wider aspirations, Future TV has chosen to add to their customary blue globe, a stylized arrow symbolizing their new way forward. One of the major changes is the combination of both Future TV and Future News into one channel and a consequent reshuffling of all its major programs, including several new additions. All this, comes in an effort to reenergize the channel and open its doors to new viewers.

Among the new program slots are new Turkish and Lebanese dramas titled, “Land of the Ottomans” and “Jana el Omer,” respectively. A new Sunday night program, “Tanneh w Ghanneh,” will also entertain viewers with its combination of karaoke and spelling-themed family oriented competitions. The program will be hosted by the energetic and charismatic Razen who will be rejoining the channel after 20 years. On the other hand, a Monday night political news talk show will be launched into the already bustling field with intense directness, entitled “DNA – Political Panorama.”

The channel will also be returning with its morning news broadcast “Akhbar el Sabah,” followed closely by the entertaining and educational “Alam el Sabah.” The pace of both programs will be increased to accommodate the change in schedule. Yet each segment will still be given as much time as is needed, be they political and social issues discussed in “Akhbar el Sabah” or the lighthearted horoscope, health and fashion segments of “Alam el Sabah.” The channel will bring back familiar faces including Carmen Chammas, Kinda Bitar, Carla Habib, Rewa al-Atrash, and Chef Shady among others. Conversely, the morning news broadcast will be presented by the passionate anchors, Pierrette Katrib, Elie Ahwash and Joelle Faddoul.

Founded in Lebanon by former Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, Future TV has been broadcasting since 1993. For nearly 20 years, Future TV has remained dedicated to news broadcasting and entertainment. With new changes in programming and design, Future TV hopes to expand its reach by providing a wide range of cultural, artistic, social, and political programs under its new heading and direction.