Hispasat and Arianespace to launch Amazonas 4A satellite in 2014

The Spanish satellite operator Hispasat has announced the execution of an agreement aimed at the launching of Amazonas 4A and Hispasat AG1 satellites jointly with the European partnership Arianespace. The first satellite will be launched in 2014 and it will improve television and communications service capacity in Latin America; the AG1 includes Redsat payload, which will reduce communication costs and will improve the broadcasting capacity dramatically.

The Amazonas 4A will be placed in the 61° west orbit position and will rely on 24 transponders in band “Ku”. The three-tone and 15-year-useful-life satellite will be launched in 2014 from Guiana Space Center in French Guyana. The Amazonas 4A is aimed at improving Hispasat’s satellite capacity in Latin America.

In turn, the AG1 will account for first mission to be deployed by Small Geo platform, developed by the German OHB Systems, jointly with European Space Agency (ESA) and Hispasat. The 3.2-ton satellite relies on 20-transponder capacity in band “Ku” and three-transponder capacity in band “Ka”; it includes Redsat’s leading edge regenerative technology, which adds two innovating elements. One of said elements is given by a reconfigurable antenna in orbit that will offer zone and size coverage changes, thus enabling its utilization in different regions and markets. The second element is an on-board processor that will serve as switchboard, will offer different coverage combinations and will enable signal reception through smaller terrestrial antennas.

“Thanks to these new satellites, million South Americans will have access to telecommunication and high quality television services. Our new satellite will meet all market demands, especially for the broadcasting of the World Soccer Cup Brazil 2014 and the Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro 2016″, stated Carlos Espinos, Hispasat CEO. “In turn, the AG1 accounts for a new step in our way towards innovations, adding new and more effective payload”, he added.