Catalan public broadcaster to cut channel
Iñaki Ferreras | 14-09-2012

As part of a general reorganisation of its content offering, Catalan regional broadcaster Televisió de Catalunya (TVC) is to cancel one of its key channels.

The Governing Council of the Catalan Broadcasting Corporation (CCMA), who announced this decision, aims to cut costs to the tune of €12.4 million. Such cuts have been undertaken by other Spanish broadcasters including Media: TV Canaria, CMT of Castilla-La Mancha TV, Canal Sur (Andalusia), Channel 9 (Com. Valenciana), IB3 (Balearic Islands), TPA (Asturias), Aragón TV, Basque ETB’s ETB4, 7RM (Murcia) and Madrid’s Telemadrid which is being privatised.

It will mean that from 1 October TVC will have four signals: the generalist TV3, mainly oriented to entertainment and daily news; Super3/33, during the day while children's programming offered by nights will focus on outreach and culture; 3/24, which will focus on the continual round of news and Esport 3, with sports, travel, health, nature and lifestyle. 3XL’s content will be divided among the other channels of the corporation.
Meanwhile, Esport 3 will be offered on TV3 (the company’s main channel), allowing the sports channel to increase coverage. On the other hand TV3 HD will continue to operate in the second mux channel.