Endemol Spain sees a difficult situation for TV producers

Iñaki Ferreras | 15-09-2012

Endemol Spain’s president Jordi Bosch has warned that Spanish producers are going through a difficult time and at the same time called for the co-operation of broadcasters to establish "rules of the game" to prevent the "collapse" of the content industry.

While participating in a debate organised by the ESADE business school at the presentation of the report 'The Future of Media in Spain', Bosch said the situation being experienced by producers was due to falling advertising on television.

He pointed out that advertising revenue from the television sector as a whole has fallen in recent years from almost €5,000 million euros to €1,870 million forecast for this year. Bosch said this reduction in advertising revenue must add "the problems that now exist because of the disappearance of public television as customers" of the producers.

As for the immediate future of the sector, Bosch said he had a "tremendous confidence" that the new agreements reached between Mediapro and Canal+ to eliminate the so-called football war had created a more healthy pay-TV sector in Spain. He said it would serve as a "dynamic element" to the content industry and make up for the revenue shortfall that producers received from the public channels.

The Future of Media in Spain, which was sponsored by Orange, and carried out by ESADE, presents different scenarios for the sector’s future development. For more information see www.esade.edu.