Shazam exceeds 250K users as it expands to any show, any channel in US

Editor | 17-09-2012

As it continues its rapid advance into video, media engagement company Shazamhas expanded its second-screen TV service in the US.
Shazam for TV works for over 160 channels of television programming in the US over cable, satellite, broadcast TV over-the-air. Also celebrating the passing of the milestone of a quarter of a billion users worldwide, the company says that its users can now use the solution as a TV companion app to access cast details and photos, music in the show, celebrity gossip, trivia, celebrity tweets, and links to additional information, plus the ability to instantly share and comment on the show or episode on Facebook and Twitter.
“Over the last year, Shazam has been testing and learning what works by building dozens of custom interactive second-screen experiences for select television shows and events like the Olympics on NBC, American Idol, the GRAMMYs, and the Super Bowl, as well as other live and scripted programming across sports, reality, dramas, comedy and awards shows,” said Doug Garland, chief revenue officer, Shazam. “We’ve applied what we’ve learned to our newly expanded service, and will continue to work closely with our network partners and show producers to build special, unique second-screen experiences for their tent-pole television events and many of the most popular shows on TV.”
Different types of programming will feature different results: sports events will include stats, scores and schedules instead of cast information, for example.
In addition to expanding Shazam for TV, the company is also enhancing its social features for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android devices. When users activate the Shazam Friends feature in the app, they can see what their Facebook friends are tagging, and they will now be able to make comments about their friends’ tags in the app.