Retail Radio upgrades video to sync with radio

Michelle Clancy | 17-09-2012

Retail Radio, which provides in-store multimedia for the retail vertical, has upgraded its video platform for digital signage to sync with in-store music systems.
Targeting stores, restaurants and other businesses across the country, displays can include television; advertising; promotions; custom RSS feeds for scrolling content and promotional information; and digital menu boards for restaurants.
WIth the enhancements, store-specific commercials playing between songs, for example, can be accompanied by matching visual content on the digital signage. "This provides a unique opportunity to deliver the same message to both visual and audio senses," the company noted. "By syncing video and audio, the enhanced video platform gives businesses a way to deliver more powerful messaging than ever before."
Displays can show several media types at once through different zones on the screen or they can show one source at a time. Displays can be automatically changed by time-of-day or day-of-week, or can be triggered by specific audio content. Scheduling of visuals can be done at the store level, by pre-determined groups or nationwide through the online dashboard.
"Digital signage is becoming increasingly important when it comes to communicating with consumers while in the store," said Aaron Bennett, a sales exec at Retail Radio. "Our in-store music and video customers are really looking forward to our new features, because shoppers respond to visual information. And we give businesses a lot of flexibility and control to manage both audio and visual messaging to consumers."