TikiLIVE targets municipal online IPTV channels

Michelle Clancy | 18-09-2012

Towns, cities, and other governmental agencies are now using online IPTV channels to keep their citizens informed about preparedness and management during natural disasters or other emergencies.

As an example, when Hurricane Isaac hit the coast of Louisiana and Mississippi last month, St. Tammany Parish provided updates to their visitors using TikiLIVE, Eyepartner's flagship HD broadcasting service which provides its users with a comprehensive set of tools for producing and managing live HD streaming content within a branded portal. Before and during the hurricane, the St. Tammany TikiLIVE page provided updates from such sites as the National Hurricane Center on three different screens as well as a scrolling text update at the bottom.

In on-emergency times, cities and towns like St. Tammany Parish can use the channel to broadcast community events, council meetings, local television channels or VOD content.
TikiLIVE offers additional broadcasting options to municipalities, such as social media sites (including Twitter and Facebook), support for set-top boxes (including Roku), WordPress and mobile devices. It also allows users to converse and share ideas in a chat box, and provides a channel manager and electronic programme guide (EPG).

"Providing updates quickly and efficiently during a time of emergency is critical," said Tim Green, CTO of Eyepartner. "Residents can now easily access a wide variety of information at low cost and with little effort."