Roku lets the dogs out with DOGTV

Michelle Clancy | 18-09-2012

The Roku streaming online platform is debuting DOGTV, a new streaming channel exclusively for canine viewers. For $9.99 per month, dog-lovers can stream content to their TVs thath is tailored for non-human companions.

Launched this past February, DOGTV is also available as an on-demand channel in San Diego on Time Warner Cable and Cox Communications, where it has been viewed by more than 30% of the dog owning households, the company said.

“The Roku platform is a significant step toward meeting the growing international demand for DOGTV,” said Gilad Neumann, CEO of DOGTV. “While an online streaming service is available for those outside of the test market, the addition of the Roku service opens the door for a larger viewing audience to experience this innovative programming for dogs.”

DOGTV is television designed exclusively for dogs, which the company said is scientifically developed, backed by four years of clinical research and "endorsed by pet industry leaders." DOGTV producers said they spent hundreds of hours to create content that caters to a dog’s well-being and unique sense of sight, hearing and movement detection. Everything from the visuals – the scenery, scenarios, color palettes and camera angles – to the audio soundtracks were selected with a dog’s experience in mind.

DOGTV programming is organised into relaxation, stimulation and exposure segments to provide a balance for the daily cycle of stay-at-home dogs.

In addition to its Roku channel, DOGTV is also available via an online streaming channel at for $9.99 a month.