Dailymotion ordered to pay compensation to TF1, LCI

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 18-09-2012

A French court has mandated video sharing website Dailymotion to pay €220,000 to TF1 and €20,000 to affiliate news channel LCI after failing to withdraw copyrighted video content despite several warnings.
In a further blow, Dailymotion will also have to pay €30,000 for damages to company KS2, the producer of showman and actor, who had sold Gad Elmaleh’s four shows video rights to TF1.
Dailymotion’s liability is based on its status as a host for video content but not as a content editor. Dailymotion will additionally pay €25,000 to TF1 and LCI, €15,000 to KS2 with respect to legal costs.
All the plaintiffs, including several of TF1’s subsidiaries originally asked for €80 million in damages.