Nintendo adds TVii to new Wii gaming console

Michelle Clancy | 19-09-2012

Gaming console stalwart Nintendo has announced that new North American Wii U consoles wil have access to what it calls Nintendo TVii: a suite of online streaming options that include Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video, along with broadcast TV hook-up and DVR through TiVo compatibility.

It also offers an interactive TV guide to find programming across every available content provider.
The TVii service will also include connectivity to a range of Web apps, including social media, IMDb and Wikipedia, directly from the TVii app.
It also has a timeline feature that shows what's been going on in a show so far, and any social commentary appears live through the timeline.
The sports module offers stat syncing so that fans can watch the game, and see all the latest scores from the last week, Twitter reactions, questions about the current game and illustrations of the latest plays.